4 Reasons to be excited about the next season of PLL!

By admin
21 June 2014

Because the finale of season 4 was totally insane we've been dying to know how the Liars will handle the big changes that are about to go down in Rosewood. Check it out!

1. The clique is back together.Now that everyone knows Ali’s alive, life can go back to normal. Well, as normal as things can possibly be after someone who went missing for years casually reappears. 

2.The fate of Ezra will be revealed. Ezra may have taken a bullet for Aria, but after finding out about his book deal we can't imagine their flame will reignite too quickly.

3. Speaking of love . . . Emily will be going through a whole lot of emotions in the new season. With Ali rejoining their group, we're sure she’ll want some questions answered.

4. We finally find out who A is. Ok, we’re probably pushing it. But after four seasons of blaming everyone, we're ready to find out who's causing the trouble once and for all.

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