4 Things you need to know about chicken

By admin
28 June 2013

Stewed, stir-fried, roasted or steamed, there is no end to the versatility of chicken.

Remove the skin and it is also the cheapest option when you’re on a healthy eating plan

Good to know

  1. Play it safe Chicken spoils easily so it must be handled with care. Bacteria need heat to multiply. The danger zone is 8-75 °C. Prevent spoilage by either heating or keeping it above 75 °C or by rapidly cooling and then chilling it.
  2. Fridge know-how Do not put hot food in the fridge because it makes the other food more susceptible to bacterial spoilage. Store raw meat on the bottom shelf and ready-to-eat food such as cheese on the top shelves so juices from raw food won’t drip onto them.
  3. Separate utensils Do not use the same chopping board and knife to prepare raw chicken and, for instance, to cut lettuce. Bacteria from the raw chicken will contaminate the lettuce. Scrub chopping boards and knives in warm soapy water to remove bacteria and wash your hands. Some restaurants use colour-coded chopping boards for raw and cooked food – a clever idea for you to copy.
  4. Raw and cooked don’t mix Don’t use the same bowls and serving utensils such as meat tongs for raw and cooked food; for instance, don’t remove cooked chicken from the braai with the same tongs used to take raw chicken from the marinade. Don’t put braaied chicken in the same dish used for the raw chicken.

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