5 clever WhatsApp hacks you have to try

By Nadim Nyker
27 January 2017

Hands up if you hate group chats!

It's time to make full use of that little green messaging app on your phone.

YOU has compiled five tricks to help you get the most of WhatsApp.

Let's start by finding the person you speak to most on WhatsApp

If you have an iPhone, open WhatsApp and go to your 'Settings', open up 'Data and storage use' and then go to your 'Storage use'.

Here you'll find who you talk to the most and who is taking up the most storage on your phone.

For Android phones, open up your 'Settings' in the app and go to 'Chats', follow that by clicking on 'Chat history' and then on 'Email chat'.

It will now show you who you've frequently contacted.


Mute those group chats

Tired of your phone buzzing every few minutes, only to open WhatsApp to a group chat, where someone has shared an image of their latest knitting creation?

Mute the group chats without muting your notifications for private messages. All you do is click and highlight the group you'd like to mute, then click on the icon on the top right of your screen that looks like a microphone with a strike through it. Here you can choose whether to mute the chat for eight hours or even a year.

For iPhone users, open the conversation you want to mute and tap on the group's name (or even on a specific person's name in the group) and press 'Mute'.

Save an important message or image for later

Click and highlight the message you'd like to save and then click on the star icon on the top of your screen.

Now you'll be able to go back to it whenever you like; just go to the dotted menu line on the top right of the app, and click 'Starred messages'.

Had a gem of a conversation that you'd like to store on your email or PC for old times sake?

All you do is open the conversation, go to the dotted menu line and click on 'Email conversation'. And there you have it, saved forever.

iPhone users, on the other hand, need to tap on the contact, scroll to the bottom of the 'Contact info page' and click on 'Export chat'.


Save your data

Tired of opening your gallery to see hundreds of pictures and videos you did not want to download?

What you have to do, to save data, the memory on your phone and the tireless process of deleting, go to the dotted menu line and click on 'Settings', then go to 'Data usage' and click on 'When using mobile data' under 'Media auto-download'. Tick the boxes of all the types of media you don't want to receive automatically and, voilà!

If you have an iPhone, it's a little different. Go to 'Settings' and click on 'Chats', then click on 'Turn save incoming media off'.


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