5 cute cupcake ideas the Easter bunny will love

15 April 2017

The bunny’s going to have a busy day tomorrow. Lend him a helping hand.

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Look at these five lovely ideas we found on Pinterest for decorating delicious little mouthfuls for the coming Easter celebrations.

1. Nest eggs

Picture repinned from funcupcakeideas.com Picture repinned from funcupcakeideas.com

So simple and so cute. Simply top your favourite cupcakes with white icing, crumble a little Flake chocolate on top to create the nest, then add a few Speckled Eggs sweets on top.

If you don’t already have a favourite cupcake recipe, try these from our website: red velvet cupcakes, eggless red velvet cupcakes or easy granadilla cupcakes. You can even use premix cake mixture and bake it in cupcake papers.

2. Baskets of sweetness

Picture repinned from acreativemomma.blogspot.com Picture repinned from acreativemomma.blogspot.com

A little more effort but worth it if you have the time. Older kids might enjoy helping you make them. Bake your cupcake batter in wafer cups, ice, then sprinkle coloured coconut on top for the nest. Add little egg sweets and a liquorice shoelace for a handle.

Tip from YOU food editor Carmen Niehaus: To colour coconut, put it in a bowl, add a few drops of food colouring and stir to coat. Voila!

4. Ears to you!

Picture repinned from catchmyparty.com Picture repinned from catchmyparty.com

Another simple yet delightful idea. Here’s how I’d replicate the cute bunny wrappers: buy cupcake wrappers, cut out ears from stiff white paper, add inner ear pieces in coloured giftwrap and glue in place on the wrappers. Again, older kids might like to help.

3. Cute chick

Picture repinned from amazon.com Picture repinned from amazon.com

If you’re skilled with fondant icing, unleash your inner artist and sculpt tiny chicks like this one. Almost too gorgeous to eat.

4. Bite-size beauties

Love this idea of packing mini cupcakes in egg cartons. Do it either as a tea table display or as a gift.

Picture repinned from toriejayne at flickr.com Picture repinned from toriejayne at flickr.com

- Alfie Steyn

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