5 Great dating ideas

By admin
21 October 2013

What are the secrets of a perfect date? How will you sweep that special person off their feet? Our dating expert, Philippa Stewart, offers advice.

Location, timing and knowing exactly what he or she loves are key; an original idea seals the deal and the rest is up to you!

1. Keep it personal and take the time

Whether it’s your first date or your 100th we believe every date should be special. Knowing what your partner likes is key to getting this right. Always remember to keep your idea personal and make sure it’s well thought out.

2. Take flight

There’s something special about getting away and going on an adventure. If your partner prefers travelling why not spoil him/her with a trip for two to a remote cottage on the beach or a weekend away in the bush.  A few game reserves offer romantic baths that are set up in the middle of the bush ? champagne, candles, roses, massages and stargazing with your favourite person! Certain lodges now even offer treehouses that are ideal for that romantic getaway. Or if a weekend away is not on the cards – take a drive because, as you know, a change is as good as a holiday.

3. Watch this!

Movie nights are back! Drive-ins are making a comeback, rooftop cinemas are cool and yes, going old school is still romantic.

4. Dining out

Know what your partner loves, then take it to the next level. If she loves dinning out, arrange a pop-up restaurant for the evening. This could be done in the comfort of your own home with a private chef or in your local restaurant where they offer private dinners.

5. Let’s get wild?

If adventure is what you’re after for a fun date there’s plenty of action to be had, from shark-cage diving to paragliding, hot-air ballooning, skydiving, abseiling and bungee jumping – we can organise it all but before you book the jump, make sure your partner isn’t afraid of heights and would be willing to do it. A date isn’t all about what you like; it’s about doing something special for the other person, and in the process enjoying it too! So make sure of your partner’s likes before taking the plunge.

Top tip for guys: Yes, we love an element of surprise but be smart. Make sure you aren’t taking her to a five-star restaurant and she’s dressed for a night in.

-Phillipa Stewart of The Perfect Proposal

The Perfect Proposal helps conceptualise and set up personalised dates. Contact the company if you need a little inspiration for proposals, anniversaries, engagement parties, renewing of wedding vows or just a special evening out. The company has some great listings for special places, and Cape Town specifically has some beautiful hidden gems that offer privacy and romance with the fun factor!

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