5 Great ideas to naturally nurture your baby

By admin
13 December 2013

Simplifying your baby’s room with natural accessories will help to bring a calm atmosphere for perfect harmony.

Nurseries are rooms where parents want their babies to be safe and secure. Using the colours and textures of Mother Nature is one way to cultivate a snug, nest-like environment for baby.  Sam Scarborough, kids’ décor writer, gives some great advice on how to achieve this look

-Sam Scarborough

As a parent, Sam’s motivation for writing and producing children’s décor books and imaginative products is to inspire other moms to be more innovative with their family and home environments. She runs her own kids’ décor company specialising in product design of play spaces and play ideas for children. 

For more amazing kids’ décor ideas go to www.kidsdecor.co.za orwww.facebook.com/kids.decor.designs

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