5 minutes with Deep Fried Man

By admin
23 July 2014

Check out our wacky interview with comedian Deep Fried Man (aka Daniel Friedman)

If you were a superhero what colour tights would you wear?

I wouldn’t wear any. Look - is it a hairy bird, a flesh-coloured plane? No, it’s NakedMan!

Which South African politician deserves a theme song?

I think our Jay Z should get one written by US rapper Jay Z.

What would the title of the song be?

I Got 99 Problems (That Report Ain’t One).

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done while you were on stage?

There was one who started shouting “I'm so proud of you!” And I was like, “This is not the time or the place, Mom.”

What’s the best thing about being a musical comedian?

The screaming groupies, rock 'n roll lifestyle and comprehensive health cover. #swag #yolo #yoloswag

If you started a political party what would you call it and what would your slogan be?

I'd call it The AMC so people would vote for it by mistake. And the slogan would be: “Avoid disappointment - we promise you nothing!”

If you had to join a boy band, which one would you choose and why?

I would join One Direction, force them to sign over all their royalties to me and then kill them all. #randomviolence

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