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By admin
05 July 2013

Our Pinterest blogger has found some gorgeous cluster lights and shares five of her favourites. Some of them are easy to reproduce at home (especially the jar lamps).

I’ve always loved clusters of light – they’re such a delightful display of abundance. The ultimate cluster lights are chandeliers but my favourites are simple bulbs hung in bunches.

Here are some beauties I found on Pinterest. Some of them are easy to reproduce at home (especially the jar lamps) but of course when you’re working with electricity it’s wise to get professional help or advice if you’re at all unsure of yourself.

 1 Sea of light   

A bare bulb hanging on a cord doesn’t have to look like something from an interrogation room. Put a few together and you can create light magic. This playful collection of bulbs of various shapes and sizes would look lovely at the end of a passageway or on a staircase landing. Choose low-wattage bulbs to avoid being dazed by the brightness.

The picture was originally pinned by Louise Boyd.

2 Bottle it!

These are so simple to make – and if you get your hands on a copy of YOU of 11 July 2013 you’ll find the ones with the checked lids (see main picture) featured on our DIY page with instructions. The picture of the coloured jars was originally pinned from obaz.com.

3 Flash of inspiration

How innovative! American contemporary artist Dolan Geiman created this light fitting – and several more like it – out of battered old torches for an office renovation.

4 Shady deal

Another cute idea that’s easy to replicate. Simply attach a length of electrical cord to each light socket, fit a dainty shade, add a plug to the other end and you have a fun feature for a feminine room.

5 I’d love one, wooden you?

These pleasing, earthy strings of giant wooden beads would fit right into any contemporary African décor scheme. Yet the Bright Beads light fittings hail from Australia (they’re by designer Coco Reynolds for Sydney company Marz Designs). Wonder what else you could thread onto a length of electrical cord?


What to do with that loooong cord that would otherwise lie in an unsightly (and tangled) heap next to the plug point? Take inspiration from this pic pinned from Méchant Design’s blogspot – a skyline kept in place by cable hooks.

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- Alfie Steyn

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