5 Pinteresting things this week

By admin
31 May 2013

Most gardeners are slowing down as the growing season comes to an end and winter rears its ugly head. This is a good time to start planning garden paths so the building work is all done when spring planting comes around.

These 5 ideas from the pinboard website Pinterest caught our attention this week:

1. Rectangular slabs placed in an off-set pattern can be used to create a gently curved or straight path. Wouldn’t this look great in a long, narrow lane along the side of the house!

2.  Wooden slats link a paved path to a lawn. If you place the slats a little further apart you can plant low-growing ground cover between them.

3. This whimsical look is more ambitious with its combination of a pebble “river”, stepping stones and a little bridge. But it’s a lovely setting for imagination to blossom.

4. Wooden discs have a lovely organic feel about them – and they look great when they start to weather. If you’re getting in a feller to take down a tree, ask him to cut it into wooden discs for a path. Or get discs from your nearest garden centre.

5. You don’t have to rip up a dated crazy paving path – just look what happens when you flank it with a gorgeous, lush garden. It obviously takes a while to establish so use collections of potted plants to give instant elevation while the shrubs grow to a decent height.

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