5 Reasons to get your kids a dog

By admin
21 July 2014

Are you wondering whether you should get your kids a dog? Apart from their contribution to their owners’ stress relief and emotional wellbeing, dogs can teach us and our kids a few life lessons.

Here are five lessons dogs can teach us.

1.         Live in the moment

Dogs have good memories. If you go near the cupboard where you keep their treats they’ll beg for some. But dogs are also good at living in the moment. When he’s chasing a ball the past is forgotten and he enjoys the moment completely.

2.       Don’t harbour a grudge

Has your dog ever not welcomed you home at the front door because you didn’t give him walkies the evening before? Dogs forgive and forget and never remind you of your faults.

3.       Celebrate your joy

Have you noticed how your dog jumps around with excitement at the mere thought of fetching his ball? Imagine how much fun it would be if people could also jump around when they’re excited about something. Don’t let life pass so quickly you forget to celebrate the small joys.

4.       Accept yourself

Imagine a Labrador wishing his ears looked like those of a fox terrier. Or a bulldog wishing he had the figure of a greyhound. People spend a lot of time and money going for what others think is the ideal figure or appearance instead of embracing their own unique facial features, lives and even problems.

5.       Love unconditionally

Your dog’s unconditional love can’t be diverted by anything. He’ll wag his tail when he sees you – even if you’re angry – and forgive you no matter how badly you behave. It’s difficult to love others unconditionally but we can learn this from our hairy friends.

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