5 reasons to tune in

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22 January 2014

If you’re not already watching The Carrie Diaries, you’re missing out. Here’s why...

1 You don’t have to be a Sex and the City fan Despite the fact it’s technically a prequel, The Carrie Diaries is a show all on its own.

2 Carrie is really likeable! AnnaSophia Robb, who turns 19 on 8 December, is the perfect blend of optimistic naivety and confidence. Even Sarah Jessica Parker, who played the older Carrie in the popular series and films, likes her. “She sent me a letter giving me her blessing,” AnnaSophia says. Sweet!

3 The Awesome Austin Butler The 22-year-old hottie is completely adorable as Carrie’s on/off sweetie. But what’s it like to lock lips with this dreamboat? “One of the biggest challenges for us is to be sexy and flirty on camera because we just can’t take each other seriously any more ? kissing on camera isn’t that fun! But he’s so cute!” AnnaSophia Robb says. “He talks about Vanessa [Hudgens, his real-life girlfriend] all the time. They’re crazy in love!”

4 The fashion is insane The big hair and loud colours would probably look ridiculous on most people, but Carrie makes it cool. “My style is evolving and I’m getting influenced by Carrie and becoming more bold,” AnnaSophia says. “Living in New York also changes what you wear: People really pay attention!”

5 The sex talk is realistic All too often TV shows either talk about sex excessively or just ignore it completely. Here’s to keeping a normal, realistic balance that speaks to teens without being raunchy!

Catch season two of Carrie Diaries Tuesday at 6 pm on M-Net Series Showcase (channel 113)

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-Edna Isaacs

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