5 Sports you should try

By admin
15 May 2014

Here are five sports you could be really good at . . . if you have the guts to try them!

1.     Ultimate Frisbee

It works in a similar way to netball, but is waaay crazier! There are seven players a side, and teams score by passing the disc (Frisbee) to a player in the opponent’s end zone. Players can’t run with the Frisbee, and can only pivot once on one foot while holding the disc. It’s bound to get you sweating and prove to be a whole lot of fun.

2.     Joggling

The name says it all. You combine the very normal activity of jogging, and add some extra excitement with a bit of juggling. We bet you’re going to have to think extra hard to keep those balls in the air while you avoid running into the gutter and/or other regular joggers!

3.     Kitesurfing

It’s not the easiest of sports to get into, but the rewards are high. Imagine combining all of the best aspects of surfing, kiteboarding and wakeboarding. Kitesurfing, however, is pretty expensive and time-consuming, and is heavily dependent on having strong gusts of wind. Find a good instructor to ensure you have the best introduction to the sport. We promise you’ll have amazing abs in no time!

4.     Rafting

Definitely for the more adventurous! There are plenty of hotspots in South Africa where you can book guided rafting tours. It’ll be sure to take your adrenaline levels to scary new heights.

5.     Slacklining

Ever wanted to hone your acrobatic skills while strengthening your core and cementing your balance? Then slacklining is for you! It involves setting up a line between two anchors, most often trees or lampposts, and then making your way across it. The line shouldn’t be too tight before you begin walking along it, as this sport isn’t the same as tightrope walking.

-Megan Bursey


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