5 things of Pinterest this week

By Kirstin Buick
19 July 2013

Our blogger yearns for a craft room all her own. Here are her favourite inspirational ideas from Pinterest.

Author Virginia Wolf insisted a woman should have a room of her own if she wanted to write. For me the need would be for a craft room. A space where I can stash all that wool waiting to become jerseys, scarves or throws, where there’s a home for the bits of fabric I couldn’t resist buying and enough drawers and shelves for the accessories that go with making things: trimmings, buttons, ribbons, lace, wrapping paper, florist’s wire. The main picture, of a converted attic space, is a perfect example. (Pinned from leafytreetopspot.blogspot.com.)

I seem to have lots of company on Pinterest because there are a bazillion pins and boards dedicated to this notion. And some of the rooms are grand indeed.

Left: Everything your heart could desire – storage, workspace, cutting table – in a huge, airy space. (Pinned from sewmanyways.blogspot.com.)

Right: Great storage, ample work surface and – my best – shelves for your favourite pics and a pinboard for stuff. (Pinned from onelittleword.typepad.com.)

But if you don’t have the space or the budget for going the whole hog, here are five lovely ideas I found on Pinterest this week for craft corners.

1. Put it in a cupboard

Left: A built-in double wardrobe gains an overhead light, shelves, pegboarding, a worktop and under-shelf storage baskets to transform it into a neat little workspace. (Pinned from beneathmyheart.net.)

Right: A place for everything, and everything in its place. (Repinned from Melinda Brown.)

2. Fold it away

The underside of the tabletop has a picture on it and the leg becomes the frame when you fold the table away. Clever. (Pinned from homestoriesatoz.com.)

3. Shelve it

Left: You can go the custom-built route. (Pinned from cherrystreetcottage.blogspot.com.)

Right: Or if you’re on a budget, opt for DIY shelving. (Repinned from Melinda Brown.)

4. Hang it all

Left: Love this quirky way of storing ribbon. (Pinned from twopeasinabucket.com.)

Right: A multi-tiered pants hanger keeps ribbon tidy. Crafty. (Pinned from creatingkeepsakesblog.com.)

5. Repurpose

Crates, printers’ trays, coffee tins, jam jars – waste not, want not. (Image left pinned from gbumr.tumblr.com; image right pinned from gracieswainson.tumblr.com.)

– Alfie Steyn

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