5 things of Pinterest this week

By Kirstin Buick
26 July 2013

Vintage suitcases make a décor statement in our Pinterest blogger’s favourite pins

There’s a romance about old luggage, suggesting exciting exploration, great adventure and fun childhood holidays. So I cherish the set of vintage suitcases I inherited from my grandfather, which have served me variously as makeshift coffee tables, storage at the bottom of the bed for spare blankets and now a table for my flat-screen TV.

Here are five pins from other Pinterest users who have found lovely ways of using old luggage as décor.

1. World traveller

What a great place to dream of future travels! (Originally pinned from parolanasema.blogspot.fi.)

2. A nook for reading

A stack of battered leather suitcases can add old-word charm to a reading corner. (Originally pinned from old-fashionedfarmhouse.blogspot.com.)

3. Steady on

Old suitcases usually have wonky tops so this mirror with its distressed frame offers a pretty solution. (Originally pinned from weheartit.com.)

4. Something new from something old

These cute suitcase chairs with their farm-print upholstery were made by innovative South African designer Katie Thompson of REcreate. (Originally pinned from her website recreate.za.net.)

5. Chest of suitcases

Granted, they’re not as easy to get into as drawers so you wouldn’t necessarily want to keep your undies or socks in these. But what a nice way to put old suitcases on display and they’d make good storage for wool or fabric stashes, old photographs, documents or anything else you don’t have to access every day. (Originally pinned from thecottagemarket.com.)


And if it’s too tired and grubby for indoor use, turn it into a planter! (Originally pinned from heksaogkatten.blogspot.com.)

– Alfie Steyn

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