5 things you might not know about Kirstin Buick

By Lindsay de Freitas
20 January 2016

1. I was born in the UK

Technically I’m a Brit, but I’m not 100% sure I really count – my parents moved here when I was one. But at least I have the passport!

2. I wanted to be a popstar

Back in the day, I thought I was “the next big thing”. I adored singing and started getting gigs here and there when I was in my teens, doing covers for promo CDs and kiddies' albums. High School Musical promos, the SA Rugby Awards . . . You name it, I took whatever I could get. I was even in a burlesque show for a few weeks (worst experience ever!)

That eventually led to number 3 . . .

3. I presented a TV show

I was on a show on SABC2 when I was about 16, called Famous. Four other girls and I were picked to be moulded into a little teeny-bopper pop band. Needless to say, it didn’t work out. But I did have some very cool experiences along the way. Also, it was what sparked my interest in media.


4. I’ve been to every university in Gauteng (almost)

I started studying at UJ (University of Johannesburg), but transferred to Tuks (University of Pretoria) when it seemed like all my friends there were having a much better time than me. But when I was given the awesome opportunity to join the Media24 graduate programme I transferred again to do my honours at Wits.

5. I’m a real geek

I’m obsessed with gaming. An afternoon spent killing zombies, slaying dragons and living vicariously through Sims (yes, it’s my guilty pleasure) is one well spent.

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