5 things you need to know about LCNVL twins Andrew and Brian Chaplin

By admin
05 February 2014

1 Their latest album, The Odyssey, is a departure for the SA-based duo. “For the first time we literally did everything,” Andrew says. “We’ve always produced and written our own stuff but this time we recorded all the vocals and mixed the tracks ourselves, with the magic mastering of [British producer and DJ] Wez Clarke.”

2 Andrew would love to collaborate with American rapper Kanye West. “Just because of how out there he goes on some of his tracks. I imagine the studio process with him would be fantastic!”

3 Their hidden talents? Brian is a pretty good snowboarder and a boffin when it comes to the strategy game Connect Four, while Andrew can do a few magic tricks . . .

4 They’re planning to move to Los Angeles. “At the moment I’m not sure when and for how long I’d want to go,” Brain says. “I want to build some good ground work before I move everything over there.”

5 The brothers say they don’t have any embarrassing songs in their album collection. Talk about cool!

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