5 Ways to keep your house warm without using a heater

By admin
10 July 2014

Cold? Tired of paying high electricity bill because of the heater? We can help.

All South Africans are aware of the electricity crisis in this country. So we found a few ways to keep your house warm this winter without adding to your electricity bill. Close of all unused rooms, this helps in reducing cold air circulation. Make sure all your windows and doors are closed properly, even the bathroom window. Furthermore you can seal up the windows, or use towels on the door.

'Alternatively you can use clear shower curtains on your windows'

Use heavy curtains to help keep out cold drafts of air. But keep them open during the day as sunlight will heat up the room. Alternatively you can use clear shower curtains on your windows which let in sunshine; this will keep the heat in your house while keeping the cold air out.

Try to limit cooking that gives off steam, as the steam causes humidity which will make your house damp. Baking is ideal as it will dry up the air and keep the kitchen warm.

Put down some rugs, or add a carpet this is a great way to keep your house and feet warm!

We hope these 5 tips will help you become warmer this winter, without hurting your pockets.

-Londiwe Dlomo

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