5 Ways to keep your one-year-old busy

By admin
01 August 2014

Have you run out of ideas to keep your little one busy? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Check out these 5 fun ways to keep a one-year-old busy.

Think inside the box

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A box and crayons go a long way to keep little artists busy for hours. Of course it goes without saying that you should remain close to your baby in case they get distressed at being confined and want to get out of the box.

Play with a muffin tin

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All you need are some colourful plastic balls that will fit perfectly into a muffin tin. It’s a quiet and entertaining game for your baby to play. Hop over to Kids Activities Blog to check it out.

D is for drum

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Make a drum circle for your baby with pots, pans and a spoon. Your child will love making some noise. (You might need earplugs though.)

Have a ball in the ball pit

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Making your own ball pit at home is a great way to entertain your little one. Fill the bath or your baby’s crib with coloured plastic balls and let the fun begin!

Make a homemade busy board

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Make a homemade busy board that makes a noise, lights up and has lots of different things happening on it. It will encourage your little one’s imaginative play and provide lots of amusement! Be sure to check it out at GM Glimmerglass.

-Janine Nel

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