5 Ways to Make the World a Better Place

By admin
18 August 2014

How you can play a part in making your corner of the world slightly better.

1.     Volunteer

You don’t have to give up much of your time to make a difference. There are many people who need an extra hand in running homeless shelters, soup kitchens, charity stores and animal shelters. Your effort and energy may be all these organisations need. Find out if there’s a home for abandoned or homeless children in your area. Spend the day playing with them and perhaps teaching them a new skill. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping others, and making them smile.

2.     Smile

It’s as simple as that. You could start a revolution, just by smiling. Smile at the next person you walk past and you may prompt them to smile too. It doesn’t cost anything and is guaranteed to make you feel a bit happier too.

3.     Donate blood

South Africa’s blood stock level currently stands at just more than three days. Donating blood is pretty painless, won’t take much time and could save a life.

4.     Pick up trash

Instead of walking past that empty chip packet on the ground, pick it up and put it in the bin. You’ll leave your environment looking neater, and in a tiny way will make the world a better place.

5.     Listen

Everyone has their own struggles but not everyone has someone to share it with. If you notice someone at school looking a bit glum, sit next to them and ask them how they are. Perhaps by talking to you for a while it will lift some weight from their shoulders.

-Megan Bursey

SOURCES: tinybuddha.com, www.sanbs.org.za

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