50 Cent: I need success!

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29 September 2014

50 Cent needs to “feel success”.

50 Cent needs to “feel success”.

The 39-year-old American performer has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. His major-label debut came in 2003 with the release of his record Get Rich or Die Tryin’. “I need to feel success, those moments, the gratification connected to it over and over, even with the smaller successful situations. I’ve learned that about myself over the period since 2003,” 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, told Page Six, adding that he is looking for “big wins”. The rapper is working on Starz show Power, which was renewed for a second season, as well as Sundance TV’s Dream School, which focuses on troubled teens and partnering them with celebrity achievers and leaders to help them turn their lives around.

‘I need to feel success, those moments, the gratification connected to it over and over’

"What I miss is how important authenticity was," 50 Cent opened up about hip-hop music in an interview with G-Unit on GGN via Complex. "What I find now in our culture is things are trending. They're following what the last person did."

G-Unit, the hip-hop group 50 Cent formed before releasing his own chart-topping debut, is dropping their EP The Beast Is G-Unit in October. They recently released the music video for Watch Me, off their six-song EP The Beauty of Independence.

"The music has changed. The production has changed,” 50 Cent previously told Billboard. "We're going to start using some of the usual suspects for hits, at the present moment. [Fans] are going to feel the new energy connected to it."

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