50 Cent tried yoga for the first time and it was a total disaster!

16 December 2016

Superfit rapper 50 Cent struggled at his first yoga class recently because he was too buff to tackle some of the mat positions.

The muscular How We Do hitmaker opted to step out of the gym and out of his comfort zone to try a little meditative exercise, but his first shot at yoga turned out to be a disaster.

“I didn’t know what I thought I was going to do," he told Harry Connick, Jr. during a Thursday appearance on his U.S. chat show. "I thought I was going to stretch in a sauna, just stretch and have a good time."

Read more: 50 Cent: ‘Kanye West is just like Donald Trump’ But he did not have a good time and in fact 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, found himself struggling to keep up as the class started getting more and more difficult: "It started out good and then the lady started going faster and faster," he recalled. "It was difficult moves for you to put your body in these different spaces and stuff... "I’m looking around to see if other people are having the same experience. I ended up in a class that was a little too advanced for me." The confident hip hop star admits he was a bit arrogant about his ability before entering the yoga class and he now has more respect for those who attend regular sessions.

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Back work, you know pull up,if you think you ready #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO

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50 isn't the only member of his family trying to perfect yoga - his four-year-old son takes sessions at school.

"You know that that school is really expensive!"

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