6 beauty tips and tricks for great summer skin

By admin
23 October 2013

Making sure your face looks fabulous this summer doesn’t NECESSARILY mean applyING lots of expensive make-up. There are many simpler, cheaper ways to ensure a glowing skin. YOU/Huisgenoot/Drum beauty editor shares healthy skin tips.

  • Ease up on the coffee, a cup a day without all the added surgery extras is ok. Coffee can dehydrate the skin and we don’t want that do we. But did you know that caffeine can be quite beneficial to the skin – that is if you apply in stead of drink it? It  is proven to help tighten sooth and reduce redness making it great to use for rosacea and under eye bags. When shopping for face serums and skin tightening products look out for the caffeine in the ingredients.
  • Using a harsh scrub too often can be detrimental to the skin, know you skin in order to exfoliate just enough for you. Oil skin types can take exfoliating 2-4 times a week where with dry skin it’s better to only do it once a week.  Natural fruit enzymes are so gentle yet effective as exfoliators. Add a punch of fruity to your current scrub by squeezing lemon juice in it. It will not only exfoliate but brighten your skin as well.
  • Keep your beautiful hands off your face, avoid touching your face excessively. Over stimulating your skin can lead to irritation to sensitive skin, aggravate acne and eczema. Your fingers pick up all types of germs during the day this is when you should be extra careful of touching your face.
  • Be ingredient conscious when it comes to blemish treatments. Steer clear of alcohol-based toners as they strip the skin of moisture causing oil glands to overwork. Topical treatments containing lactic acid are the best to use on breakouts and clogged pores while salicylic acid containing products formulas are perfect for less severe breakouts.
  • Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is non-negotiable; lather every part of your body exposed or not with high SPF products. Hats and sunglasses should be part of your summer repertoire.
  • Make your skin your best accessory with a little shimmer; sweep a highlighter across your collarbone before hitting the town.

By Lerato Seuoe, Beauty Editor: Huisgenoot, YOU & Drum

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