6 lighting ideas for your baby’s room

By admin
18 November 2013

Choose lighting options which are functional and quirky at the same time and that will add that extra touch to the overall décor theme of your baby’s room.

The key to lighting a nursery is to have bright task lighting for playtime and for changing baby in the early evening. For late-night visits, however, the light must be good enough for you to see what you’re doing but soft enough so baby doesn’t think it’s party time!

Lights can be the loveliest added features in a room. You can really go to town with so many charming varieties on the market. With a bit of imagination lights can become part of the overall décor scheme. If possible, keep night-lights away from the direct line of vision of the cot.

Night-lights come ready made in many lovely forms, but you can also be creative – like with the use of this utterly charming birdcage and vintage shade.

A plastic light in the shape of a teddy bear stands sentry in the corner of a room.

A wall-mounted silhouette light is tucked in a corner and a ball light is perfect on the floor, unseen from the cot.

Put a retro light next to baby’s books on the bookshelf. Display a pop-up book to complete this look.

Low-wattage bulbs in plastic shapes, such as this traditional duck, make for cute night-lights.

Fairy lights are perfect for a little girl or boy’s room and can be strung around a room or shaped into something sweet such as a heart or an initial.

A standard table lamp can be redesigned to fit into a nursery by simply covering the shade in a pretty fabric.

-Sam Scarborough

Sam runs her own kids’ décor company specialising in product design of play spaces and play ideas for children. As a parent, her motivation for writing and producing children’s décor books and imaginative products is to inspire other moms to be more innovative with their family and home environments.

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