6 reasons winter is actually the most awesome season

By Samantha Luiz
02 June 2015

The scarves are out, the shorts are tucked away at the back of your closet. But there's no reason to feel depressed. Here are 6 reasons why winter is actually the most awesome season.

Winter is officially here!

1. The fashion

There is no doubt that winter fashion is fun, comfortable, super stylish and everyone looks great in boots, trench coats and infinity scarves. Having a bad hair day? Grab a beanie and no one has to know!

2. Cozy weekend evenings

It's perfectly okay not to turn up on those cold Friday evenings. All you need is a warm blankie and fuzz socks as you catch up on the latest episode of your favourite series.

3. The food

Winter food is truthfully the best! Hearty stews, home-made soups and mince pies are just some of the best foods ready to keep you warm and happy during the cold weather. Yum!

4. Hot chocolate

Enough said.

MRW when today's snowstorm was a perfect day for some hot chocolate. - Imgur

5. Cuddling

There's nothing better than spending winter evenings cuddled up with the ones close you. Seriously, who doesn't like cuddling?

6. The activities

The weather outside might be unwelcoming but this winter comes with awesome activities for the whole family. Have you heard about the Ice Age Exhibition?

Ice age

For more exciting facts and information about the Ice Age be sure to visit the Ice Age Exhibition website, proudly brought to you by Huisgenoot, YOU and Drum.

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