6 things to do on Father’s Day

By admin
13 June 2013

Spoil your dad and show him just how special he is.

Father’s Day is one of those days in the year when you can spoil your dad and show him just how special he is. From braaiing to fishing or enjoying breakfast in bed, here are six things to do with Dad on his special day.

1. Breakfast in bed

There are few things a father enjoys as much as a delicious breakfast in bed. This Father’s Day give your dad a reason to stay in bed late by making breakfast for him and serving it to him with a cup of coffee. It’s an easy, cheap and ideal way of showing you care.

2. Pamper your dad

Most dads enjoy being pampered so why not take yours for a manicure, pedicure or head massage? Pay no attention if he objects; he’ll enjoy every minute and feel totally spoilt.

3. Have a braai

Most South African fathers like a braai with a beer in hand. So light up the fire, put a big steak on the coals and enjoy a braai with Dad.

4. Give him a hobby-related gift

What does your dad enjoy doing most in his free time? Give him a hobby-related gift – perhaps a new book or a fishing rod. He’ll be happy all day.

5. Be handy in the garden

Go green this Father’s Day. Plant a tree with your dad, and over time watch it grow together. You might like to make it a tradition to plant a tree every Father’s Day. You’ll be able to get your hands dirty and spend quality time together.

6. Let your dad test-drive a new car

Nothing excites some dads more than an opportunity to drive a brand-new sports car. If your dad is a fan of speed, arrange a test-drive for him at one of your local car dealers. Let him drive a new BMW, Mercedes-Benz SLK or even an Aston Martin.

-Janine Nel

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