6 Things You should Know About 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

By Samantha Luiz
06 February 2015

Here are 6 things you should know about To Kill a Mockingbird before the sequel comes out.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee has been celebrated as a literary masterpiece for many decades. Set against the backdrop of prejudiced Alabama in the mid-1930s, the story follows the Finch Family consisting of the main protagonist Scout, her father Atticus, and her 10-year old brother Jem. The novel has played an important role in setting the agenda for the discussion about racial and social injustice, especially in schools. When HarperCollins announced the upcoming release of a sequel, 55 years year, social media exploded, both with happiness and doubt.

Either way, the sequel, Go Set a Watchman, is a big deal for book lovers. In case you’ve never read it or have forgotten what the story is about, we compiled 6 things you should know about How to Kill a Mockingbird. 1) The author, Harper Lee is a woman. When the sequel was announced, Twitter unearthed people who either did not know who Harper Lee is or thought she was actually male.

2) There's a movie version of the novel.

The movie, To to Kill a Mockingbird is a black and white American drama released in 1962 and directed by Robert Mulligan.

3) The Sequel actually came first. Harper Lee actually wrote the sequel, Go Set the Watchman, before the acclaimed literary masterpiece. It follows the characters 20 years on after the events of the To Kill a Mockingbird.
4) The novel has been surrounded by controversy. The biggest controversy has to be the claim that To Kill a Mockingbird was not written by Harper Lee at all! There are readers who believe that Lee's lifelong friend Truman Capote actually wrote the book. What's a masterpiece without a conspiracy theory, right?

5) The novel is set in a fictional town

The book is set in Maycomb, a fictional town in the state of alabama. what is interesting is how the town resembles the real one where Lee grew up in- Monroeville, Alabama. In the book, Lee describes Maycom as “an island in a patchwork sea of cotton fields and timber land”.

6) Perhaps the most important fact.

sources: telegraph.co.uk

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