7 things healthy couples don’t do

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26 April 2014

There are secrets to keeping a marriage or partnership alive and healthy, those who have them will tell you. Check out this great relationship advice.

Relationships are messy, as anyone who has ever been in one will tell you. But there is nothing like loving and being loved so it's worth making the effort to get it right. Obviously, we'd all do it perfectly if we had the chance, right? But sometimes it's hard and it doesn't hurt to get a bit of advice on how to make life with your significant other a happy one.

Here are 7 things healthy couples never do.

1.    Say negative things about each other on social media

Twelve-year-olds say negative things about their girl- or boyfriends on Facebook. It’s an immature way of dealing with conflict – rather speak to your partner direct about what’s bothering you. Don’t try to get people to take “your side”, because in a relationship there should be only one side.

2. Choose their careers above their relationships

Of course your career is important. But if you’re experiencing pressure from all aides, your relationship is often the first thing you neglect. You can always look for another job, but you have just one chance to make your relationship work. At the same time, it is important to support your partner’s job prospects – few things can make one partner so aggrieved as having the other getting in the way of their career opportunities.

3.    Spend all their “alone time” on technology

There is a time and place for everything and healthy couples know when to turn off the TV, cellphones and laptops. Healthy couples do not look at Twitter while on a date in a restaurant.

4.    Avoid difficult subjects

Relationships are about intimacy. If you can’t talk about difficult subjects, there’s something missing. You should be able to talk to each other about anything. Approach these subjects with an excess of empathy and friendliness.

5.    Punish each other

You and your partner just can’t agree about something, and start giving each other the cold shoulder. Healthy couples know when it‘s necessary to take a break when they can’t agree on something, but they also know how to find a solution.

6.    Bring skeletons out of the cupboard

We all know it’s the past that makes us what we are today. Healthy couples understand each other’s pasts but do not use them as ammunition in arguments. Forgiveness is an important element in any relationship. In the best relationships both partners know how to forgive and to ask for forgiveness.

7.    Throw in the towel

Healthy couples don’t just give up when the going gets tough. If your partner is important enough, you can work through it. Healthy couples also carry on showing how much they love each other. Throwing in the towel is not a way out for healthy couples.

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