7-year-old girl breaks up with mom in hilarious birthday card

By Samantha Luiz
19 May 2016

"I turned 30 and she leaves me. Ouch."

In a viral post shared on Reddit by user superkt, little Eva lets her mom know that although she's the "best mom ever", it's time for her to move on. "I love you mommy becuse you let me wacth t.v," the card begins so innocently. "It’s ben nice with you but soon I will have to move on." Read more: This 14-year-old’s breakup texts are downright brutal

I turned 30 and she leaves me. Ouch.

Clearly taking a page out of a player's handbook, she adds that she "will call you."

"You are the best mom Ever! Happy brithday!" she ends, signing off with "Love Eva".

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"Kids, man. They're brutal," one user commented on the post, which has garnered over 900 000 views on Imgur.

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Don't worry Mom, you'll find someone who'll love for you, and not just your TV.

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