79-year-old great gran sneaks out of care centre to get first tattoo

By Samantha Luiz
23 July 2015

This granny is no meek little old lady.

Sadie Sellers sneaked out her care home in Derry, Northern Ireland to get her first tattoo.

The rebel gran was found out when her son Tony (57) arrived for his daily visit to see his only to find the wheelchair in her room empty. He later tracked her down to the Studio Seventy-Six tattoo parlour.

'I never felt a thing'
Apparently, Sadie stole away with her 22-year-old granddaughter Samantha. “Samantha was sitting there smiling. I saw three big lads in their 20s, covered in tattoos, and in the middle was mom getting one herself,” said Tony, who has eight tattoos himself. His elderly mom was spotting a subtle heart design on her left arm. When asked by tattoo artists what her family would make of her new body art, she replied “I don’t f***ing care”.

“She’s very prim but she can swear like a sailor behind closed doors,” said Tony.

Sadie reportedly got the tattoo after seeing Samantha’s tattoo.

She said, “I just thought I’d get one too.”

“I’m made up with mine. I asked how long it would take and the man said he finished five minutes ago. I never felt a thing.”

Sources: metro.co.uk, nypost.com

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