7de Laan has a massive surprise in store for viewers on their 4 000th episode

08 March 2017

You may be seeing some old familiar faces...

Just one more sleep then it’s time for 7de Laan’s 4 000th episode!

Viewers are in for a great deal of excitement in this special episode, being aired on 9 March. For one, Xander (Theodore Jantjies) and Vanessa (Ingrid Paulus) will be renewing their wedding vows.

And with characters like Wilmien (Nina Swart), Dezi (Elma Postma), Karien (Christi Panagio) and Errol (Christo Davids) attending the celebration, 7de Laan will be teeming with familiar faces from the show’s past.

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Rosa-Mari Erasmus, 7de Laan’s publicist, says it’s going to be an episode full of intrigue and a twist in the tale which will shock viewers.

7de laan 4000 PHOTO: Martin de Kock

The production team, actors and others in the industry have already donned their party clothes to celebrate the hit TV show’s milestone achievement at Katy’s Palace Bar in Johannesburg with music, food and champagne.

Vinette Ebrahim, who plays Charmaine, was one of the original cast members when the show first aired 17 years ago.

“I got here when I was in my 40’s. I’m 60 now,” she says. “It’s a lifetime. I’ve portrayed storylines which were wonderful for me and also some which were bitterly difficult. I’ve seen members of our team join the show as children and watched them grow into adults.”

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“My soapie daughter Ingrid Paulus (who plays Vanessa) was 21 when we started. She's now been married for a few years and has a 12-year-old daughter.

“Christo Davids, who joined the show as Errol – a child which my character adopted – works behind the scenes as a director on the show these days. It’s wonderful for me to see everyone growing and becoming older.

“Charmaine is a fantastic character to play,” Vinette says. “She’s everyone’s mother. But I’m glad that the writers brought in another element for me with her twin sister, Vivian. That one walks in, causes chaos and then disappears, leaving everyone in the Laan picking up the pieces.

“For me every day is still challenging and exciting. It’s wonderful being part of the 7de Laan family!”

Wilmien, Dezi and Karien will also be back. PHOTO: Supplied Wilmien (Nina Swart), Dezi (Elma Postma) and Karien (Christi Panagio) will also make an appearance. PHOTO: Supplied

Annelisa Weiland, who plays the beloved Hilda, says he was 50 when she first appeared on the show. “I'm 68 now. The atmosphere at work was always lekker!”

How does she still manage to play Hilda with the same spirit and conviction after 17 long years? “The secret is taking on each day as if you're playing a fresh new character.”

“Even though you're playing the same character every day, you're always in a new situation and scenes with different co-stars. That makes it exciting and keeps it fresh.”

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