7de Laan’s Vanessa: my special Skye

By admin
13 April 2012

At first glance she’s an ordinary, friendly girl who likes to play with dolls, watch DVDs and listen to music. 

But the truth is Skye (7), daughter of 7de Laan’s Ingrid Paulus (35) and actor Denver Vraagom (40), mostly lives in her own little world as a result of autism.

Seeing the world through her eyes is a wonderful experience for her parents.

In a Johannesburg park the lively little girl examines every blossom up close.

Every now and then she comes out of her world to fetch us to look for fairies under stones and behind trees.

It hasn’t always been as easy as it is today, Ingrid says. She and Denver realised Skye was different to many other children when she was two.

“She always wanted to play by herself. She was often deep in thought and would curl her fingers inwards. She could spend hours walking around in a circle and jumping.”

Read more about the process Denver and Ingrid went through to understand and help Skye in Gloria Edwards’ article in YOU 19 April 2012.

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