8 inspiring themes for modern holiday décor

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15 December 2014

Forget about the boring old Christmas tinsels and put the fun back into festive decorating with nature as inspiration.

One of the most exciting activities over the holiday season is decorating your home for the occasion. Traditional red and green décor is the classic choice for most, but if you want to try something fresh and perhaps more personal to your tastes and décor style, we’ve put together some inspiration for you.

Beach Chic

[Pictures repinned via Carla Manuel Gomes and ioLA] [Pictures repinned via Carla Manuel Gomes and ioLA]Being in the southern hemisphere, we experience a very different Christmas to what we see in most movies, where it’s a time filled with snow and hot cocoa. As festive as the “traditional” white Christmas may be, we have the advantage of a beautiful, sunny holiday season in South Africa, with beach time and cocktails in the mix.

So rather than using snowflakes and baubles, why not create a seaside wonderland with starfish and sea shells? White is still the perfect backdrop for this theme as we take inspiration from sandy shores rather than snowy fields.

Paper and Tin

[Pictures repinned via ioLA and from stylizimoblog.com] [Pictures repinned via ioLA and from stylizimoblog.com]Another way to add a modern spin to your décor is to use minimalist paper and tin decorations. Giant paper baubles and lanterns create a lovely soft look and are easy to store or recycle afterwards. White enamel tin elements, such as tea-light holders and pendant lights, are incredibly versatile as they can be used as décor pieces all year round. By using décor elements that are already in your home, you’re able to showcase your personal style and save money at the same time.

Blue Hues

[Pictures repinned from http://2.bp.blogspot.com/ and modernchicinspired.blogspot.com] [Pictures repinned from http://2.bp.blogspot.com/ and modernchicinspired.blogspot.com]Another colour scheme that’s proven to be quite popular is to combine white with shades of blue and silver. This is a fantastic choice if you want to create a fresh summer look. Think crisp white linens and metallic blue baubles combined with silver tableware and candelabras for a more sophisticated look, or combine wood and sky-blue elements for a more casual setting.

Black and White

[Pictures repinned from flickr.com and http://4.bp.blogspot.com/] [Pictures repinned from flickr.com and http://4.bp.blogspot.com/]To create a look that’s both modern and timeless you can stick to black and white. This striking theme is also easy to create and reuse for other occasions with some tweaking. A few ideas include: pine cones spray painted black and displayed in beautiful white ceramic bowls, a traditional green wreath replaced with a modern beaded wall hanging heart, and white candles displayed in black holders. Metallics also work well with this scheme and can add a touch of glamour.

Pops of Colour

[Pictures repinned from adorable-home.com] [Pictures repinned from adorable-home.com]To create a fresh, modern look stick to a predominately white theme with shots of bright colours such as magenta and turquoise. You can also spray paint existing décor items and collected branches and pine cones in white. A white wall-mounted buck head, in a variety of materials such as cardboard and ceramics, is a great hanging spot for colourful trims and baubles. Local flavour can be brought in by using a springbok instead of a reindeer head.

Wood for the Trees

[Pictures repinned from christmaholic.nl and via Michele Bettger] [Pictures repinned from christmaholic.nl and via Michele Bettger]Pine needles smell wonderful but can leave a mess afterwards and plastic alternatives can sometimes lack personality, so opt for a natural material with a contemporary or rustic twist, such as a simple timber geometric tree with shelves. This frees up floor space and allows for interesting ornament arrangements. For a more rustic or beach theme, a tree made up of driftwood branches is the perfect option.

Adorned Branches

[Pictures repinned from designbuzz.it and blog.poetrycollection.co.za] [Pictures repinned from designbuzz.it and blog.poetrycollection.co.za]To create a unique look, and keep floor space open, why not look up? Hang branches over your table display with fish gut to create a floating decorative feature. This can then be adorned to suit the selected colour scheme. Spray paint the branch in a silver or gold finish for a more dramatic look.

Lights that Sparkle

[Pictures repinned from pinterest.com and xeniya-amber.livejournal.com] [Pictures repinned from pinterest.com and xeniya-amber.livejournal.com]Christmas lights don’t need to be colourful to make a statement. Soft white and yellow fairy lights add charm to any outdoor space and can also be used to adorn table displays. Combine these with lanterns in metal or timber finishes to create soft illumination.

Remember the holidays are a time for family and sharing, so use decorating time to bond with the ones you love. Happy holidays!

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