8 Pinteresting ways to create your own picture gallery

By admin
16 August 2013

Our blogger found these stylish ways to group photographs, artworks and mirrors on Pinterest this week

In the uncluttered part of my mind I understand the décor principle of less is more. But I’ve never been able to make my lifestyle comply because I love collections of things – and that applies to grouped pictures as much as anything else (including, my family would tell you, the pile of clothes at the end of my bed).

I found these fabulous ideas on Pinterest this week for displaying groups of pictures and mirrors.

Pic pinned from arkpad.com.br

Black and white pictures in thin black frames get a touch of glitz from two gold-framed prints. Instant elegance.

Pic pinned from snapfish.com

What a beautiful combination of wall art and pictures of every branch of the family. Paint your own design if you’re handy with a brush or splurge on a readymade vinyl design.

Pic pinned from thehuntedinterior.blogspot.com

Surround your baby with lovely things from the start. Not only is the picture grouping gorgeous but how cute are the wooden boxes coated in chalkboard paint and stowed in the bookcase.

Pic pinned from apartmenttherapy.com

We have a family joke about hanging the ancestors, a rather stern bunch of sepia-toned stalwarts who were resolute of jaw and steady of gaze. They’d look particularly handsome in a setting like this, the muted tones and vintage frames beautifully at home against the dark wall and furnishings.

Pic left pinned from habituallychic.blogspot.com; pic right from lovelyclusters.tumblr.com

I have a notoriously squiff eye so the pictures on my walls constantly need straightening. If you have the same leaning, here’s the perfect solution: shelves to keep your gallery in line. Whether you go the “more is merrier” route on the left or adopt the symmetrical style on the right, try this trick: a narrow batten fixed to the edge of the shelf will keep the frames from slipping off.

Pic pinned from bodieandfou.blogspot.co.za

I love this idea: two rows of clipboards on which to display things of interest or inspiration. And what a great way to show off your child’s latest masterpieces.

Pic pinned from smallplacestyle.blogspot.com A big-screen TV can take up a lot of the available wall space in a small room. This set-up makes clever use of the wall area with a wooden console and baskets for storage and a row of identically framed pictures in colours that blend in with the rest of the earthy tones. Pic left pinned from nursingschools.cc; right from tumblr.com 

Grouping works just as well for mirrors as for pictures. And they have the added advantage of giving you lots of light and a sense of space. Use the template idea below to get the spacing just right.

Pic pinned from forevercottage.blogspot.com

This will help you put together your display of pictures or mirrors. Trace the size of each frame on brown paper, attach the templates to the wall with reusable adhesive putty or masking tape and move them around until you have the desired effect. Then hang the pictures and remove the paper when you’re done. Genius.

– Alfie Steyn

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