8 reasons why being a teacher is worthwhile

By Kirstin Buick
02 August 2013

Our education blogger loves being a teacher and shares what brings her job in her career

Education often gets negative publicity but there are many reasons why teaching is a worthwhile profession.

Unfortunately sensational stories sell more newspapers but life is fraught with so many problems and heartache that I think it’s high time we focus on feel-good stories and things that give us hope. Especially when it comes to teaching!

Every day we read about the shortage of teachers and then we wonder why young people no longer want to go into teaching. Why should they if everyone always focuses on the negatives?

I can think of SO many reasons why being a teacher is worthwhile!

Here are a few:

  • The learners’ friendly, sometimes admiring smiles that greet you every day.
  • The joking in between studying because learners trust you and know they can take the odd chance just so they don’t have to spend ALL their time working.
  • The quiet learner who offers to sweep the classroom or carry your books – his or her way of showing their appreciation for what you do.
  • The thank-you note that’s left on your desk when you are not looking.
  • The respect you get from learners and their desire not to disappoint you.
  • The apology from a learner who sometimes oversteps the mark.
  • The trust learners put in you when they share something sad with you and need your help.
  • The enthusiasm with which learners get involved in activities.

You also feel that teaching is worthwhile when you stand in the hall two weeks before show time and take in the energy of the revue learners struggling to all fit in on the little stage, even after it’s been enlarged, and you feel like dancing with them.

And when everyone has left and the hall becomes quiet you’re filled with admiration and appreciation for the décor teacher, her team and former learners who’ve spent hours adding the final touches.

YES! Teaching IS worthwhile!

I’d like to hear why you think teach is a great profession.

– Olga Channing

-          * Olga Channing is a deputy principal and Afrikaans teacher at a high school in Pretoria. She’s the author of six books for the new school curriculum and after 24 years as a teacher, she still loves her job.


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