8 tweets that prove Jaden Smith probably has a screw lose

By admin
29 December 2013

Jaden Smith has one of the strangest Twitter accounts out there.

This year we discovered that Will and Jada's son may be a bit loopy. Earlier this year a trending topic #TweetlikeJadenSmith was started to capture just how strange Jaden's tweets are.

We've collected some of the weirdest we could find. The best part is Jaden knows he's a little, uh, eccentric.

He's said over and over again that he thinks school is overrated.


But that's probably why he doesn't know the difference between 'to' and 'too'.

He's so deep none of us will ever get it.

And he clearly sees things the ordinary person doesn't.

He loves science. Is this his own science?

And stating the obvious in a way that is not too obvious? Genius.

All in all Jaden Smith is just a teenager trying to find himself like everyone else. Maybe when he stops tweeting in title case we'll start to pay attention to his ramblings.

For now though, he's just weird.

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