8-year-old girl horrifically injured by 'bullies' at Gauteng primary school

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12 November 2015

A Gauteng Grade 2 learner's parents are fuming after their daughter came home with a shocking wound to the right-hand side of her face.

A Grade 2 learner's parents are fuming after their daughter came home with a shocking wound the right-hand side of her face. Jennifer's*  grandmother, who usually fetches her from school, was called in to fetch the eight-year-old at 12:40, just before the end of the school day. She had "had a little tumble" and hurt her face, the school told her, she says. But when she got home, Jennifer told her grandmother a different story. She was 'tripped up' by another Grade 2 girl, and had gone flying into a concrete ditch, she told her grandmom.

'Her whole face was swollen and infected'

Her mother, Anna*, was so shocked when she came home, she immediately took Jennifer to a doctor. "It looked like the school didn't even clean the wound," Anna told YOU. "We removed the gauze the next day it was pitch black, and her whole face was swollen and infected."

Luckily, nothing was broken or cracked, Anna says, but the doctor gave her medication for pain and inflammation and creams to apply to the sore. He advised them to take Jennifer to see an othamologist to check her eye.

The girl who allegedly tripped her was apparently part of a gang of girls that had been bullying her for "the whole year," Anna says. "They've been taking her lunch, taking the biscuits out of her bag and calling her names."

"Jennifer's father is Italian so she has dark hair on her body which they tease her about. They call her 'lion'."

Anna and her husband, Rob*, tried to make an appointment with the principal the following day, but were told she was too busy to see them. Eventually they were admitted to see the deputy principal.

"She wasn't very helpful. If we got 10 minutes with her, it was a lot," Anna says of the woman, who informed them Jennifer had been moved to another class, and that the girls in question had been "told to stay away from her". The parents of the girl who tripped Jennifer would not be informed, Anna claims.

"And now we hear that the teachers at the school are trying to change the story," Anna adds. "They're now saying that Jennifer tripped over her water bottle!"

Rob is still adamant he will meet with the principal. "I will be confronting the principal and calling her out on her story. I don't care if I have to sell the clothes on my back to pay for an attorney," he said.  "I will not go quietly and will not allow this to be swept under the rug."

The school principal did not respond to YOU's requests for comment, but yesterday told Maroela Media she would only give comment through the Gauteng Department of Education.

Department spokesperson Phumla Sekhonyane told the outlet an enquiry had been submitted to the school, and the department would give feedback as soon as they had had a response.

Rob added,  "The ironic thing is they have NOSA anti bully posters plastered all over the wall in the reception of the office. What a joke."

*Not their real names

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