89-year-old pensioner who placed ad seeking work starts new job

By Luthando Rani
05 December 2016

"Don't just sit there and be bored, try to do something about it."

Joe Bartly, an 89-year-old Army Veteran from England, stole people’s hearts when he placed an ad in the local newspaper seeking a job to save him from ‘dying of boredom’.

"Senior citizen, 89, seeks employment in Paignton area. 20hrs+ per week. Still able to clean, light gardening, DIY and anything. I have references. Old soldier, airborne forces. Save me from dying of boredom!" read the ad.

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According to CNN News, the senior citizen has received not one but two job offers.

The Veteran, who is also a widower, stated that he was lonely and compared living in his home to being in solitary confinement. He stated that the job would help him pay his own way – even though he received financial assistance. He said, “so I could feel like more of a man."

To the adorable old man’s delight-after receiving two job offers, he started his new job at a nearby café. CBS News reported that the Cantina Kitchen and Bar announced on its social media pages that the 89-year-old would become their newest employee!

“He’s a really super guy and it seems like he’s going to fit right into our lovely bunch of staff,” the restaurant wrote on Facebook. “He is coming along for his first shift this Sunday. He’ll also be sharing our family (sic) christmas day with us,” they shared in a Facebook Post.

Joe Bartley, who is still willing and able to get down to work, was greeted by an applause when he came in to meet the owners of Cantina and his new fellow employees.

When asked if he has any advice for fellow retirees, Joe said:

Sources: CBS News, CNN News, Herald Express

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