9 Signs it’s time to break up with your boy- or girlfriend

By admin
21 July 2014

If you suspect it’s time to have “that conversation” with your boy- or girlfriend, here are nine signs you should end your relationship.

You argue almost as much as you’re happy together. He doesn’t pay you compliments any more and she laughs harder at your friends’ jokes than she does at yours. You always hoped they were the one, but in your heart of hearts you know it’s over between you.

(NOTE: You don’t have to answer “yes” to every question to confirm it’s over – sometimes one is enough).

Are you unhappy more than happy?

Your relationship must make you happy, not continuously disappoint you. If it’s no longer fun and you argue more than you do anything else, it’s time to end your relationship.

Does he/she criticise you?

Your girl- or boyfriend should be your biggest admirer. If he says your jeans are perhaps a bit tight around your thighs or if she says you’re not a real man because you didn’t make the first rugby team, run.

Is he/she rude or nasty?

If your girl- or boyfriend is rude to teachers, their parents or your friends, it’s only a matter of time before they start being rude to you. Swop that meanie for a nicer person. We promise you’ll be a lot happier . . .

Are you embarrassed to introduce your boy- or girlfriend to others?

Is it necessary to explain?

Is he/she jealous?

If she bans you from seeing your junior school girlfriend, red lights should be flashing. And if you feel you can’t trust your guy, it’s also a bad sign.

Does he/she try to control your life?

Your girl- or boyfriend should not tell you what to wear, where you’re allowed to go or who your friends should be. If they’re a control freak, get rid of them. You’re your own person and can make your own decisions – you definitely don’t need a boy- or girlfriend to do it on your behalf.

Is he/she secretive?

It’s Friday evening and you and your girlfriend are watching a movie together.   When she reads a message on WhatsApp and you ask who it’s from, she turns her phone off and says: “Oh, nobody important”. Don’t mistake these danger signs for something else. And if he goes out of his way to ensure you don’t even see his cellphone, it’s possible there’s something wrong.

Are your friends and family all against your relationship?

Your boy- or girlfriend should always try to get on well with your friends and family. If he’s not considerate to your parents, or if she avoids going out with your friends, you’ve got a problem. If one of your girlfriends doesn’t like your boyfriend, it may just be her opinion. But if all your friends and family are against your relationship, listen to what they have to say . . . They love you, and 10-to-one they’ve got good reason to be worried.

Does he/she have plans for the future?

When you’re 16 it’s fine not to know what you’re going to do with the rest of your life. But if your girl- or boyfriend dreams of living in their parents’ outside room and playing PlayStation all day, think twice. You must both have your own goals and support each other to achieve them.

-Shané Barnard

Sources: teen.com, girlslife.com, Huffington Post

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