9 totally random facts about Robert Mugabe

By Kirstin Buick
21 February 2014

In honour of Bob's 90th birthday, here are nine completely arbitrary things you didn't know about Zim's veteran president.

1. At 90,  he's Africa's oldest head of state and second oldest in the world after Israel's Shimon Peres (who turns 91 later this year).

2. His second name is Gabriel.

3. His father was a carpenter.

4. He once called Tony Blair “a boy in short trousers”.

5. Apparently, he wakes up in the early hours, well before the rest of his family and does yoga.

6. According to his long-time tailor, Mugabe's measurements have not changed in 20 years. Must be the yoga.

7. Oddly, he's a bit of British traditionalist. Visitors must always be offered a cup of tea and is insistent all children around him be well-mannered, explaining that these are the manners of British royalty.

8. He loves cricket.

9. He received no less than 12 honorary degrees throughout his life. Four of them have since been revoked, with the institutions citing human rights abuses as the reason.

Mugabe reportedly spent his birthday getting medical treatment in Singapore.

Sources: economist.com, theguardian.com

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