A bully snuck something into this 13-year-old boy's sandwich - and it killed him

By Robyn Lucas
12 July 2017

“This bully is old enough to know right from wrong, you just cannot take these chances.”

A 13-year-old schoolboy died after suffering a severe allergic reaction - when cheese was secretly put into his sandwich by a school bully.

Karanbir Cheema, also known as Karan died at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, with his family by his side – after spending 12 days in the intensive care unit.


Karan was a young, talented boy who loved playing soccer and attended karate classes quite regularly - but, according to his friends, the teenager, who had many allergies, was bullied at school regularly.

“Karan was in primary school with my son and used to go to football club and karate class with my son,” says a family friend.

On June 28, Karan unknowingly ate cheese that was placed in his sandwich by a pupil and fell ill around 11.30 am, a family friend, Humaira Khan, told Metro News.

"There was a child who was bullying him all the time. He put cheese in his lunch. When I spoke to one of his family members he said someone put cheese in his lunch and he did not know about it," says 40-year-old Humaira.

That’s when teacher’s rushed the boy to the school office, where they normally kept allergy medicine specifically for Karan, but none worked and were forced to phone an ambulance. A 13-year-old boy at the same school was arrested on the day of the incident and was interviewed by the police but was later released on bail – the boy has to return to Scotland Yard later in July.  

There have been many claims circulating around the school, with one mom alleging that a child had thrown cheese down Karan’s school shirt.

“I heard from a student that a boy came up and put a bit of cheese down his shirt,” the mom told Metro News,

"I don't how a piece of cheese hitting him could have killed him, it doesn't make any sense. We have been told very little," Says Amarjeet Cheerma, father of the deceased teenager.

The school has refrained from delivering any comments on the incident but has insisted that more measures will be put in place to prevent anything like that from happening again.

“‘But in light of this tragic incident a review of the procedures will be carried out to ensure that the highest level of standards is maintained,” Says the head teacher at the school.

Sources: mirror.co.uk, standard.co.uk

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