A chip off Sam's block

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26 November 2010

She’s nicknamed her unborn baby Pomme Frite. That’s the French version of the potato chip. Pommes frites were Catriona Andrew’s favourite food when she and her life partner, Nicolas Schwartz, went skiing in France in March and their first child was conceived.

At first she wanted to keep the pregnancy quiet and didn’t say a word about her baby, who’s due any day. But as her bump grew it became hard to keep a secret.

She doesn’t want to reveal too much about the baby just yet. “We know the gender but we don’t want to say,” she says with a mysterious smile. “I want to decide who I’m going to tell and I want to do it face to face, make eye contact and see their reactions firsthand.”

Her fans are obviously also excited about the mom-to-be’s baby bump. They stop her in the street and ask her about it.

“They call me Cat or Sam, after my character Sam Spencer in [SABC2 drama series] Erfsondes and then they shower me with compliments.”

This year is Catriona and Nicolas’ 11th year together, which is why they decided in February it was time to start a family.

Cat can’t stop talking about her “amazingly sweet pregnancy”. “Yes, your body changes and I had to adjust to not being in control of mine any more, which can be difficult when you’re a control freak like me. But I can’t complain. Nothing has grown bigger except my tummy.”

Does the pregnancy mean wedding bells will be ringing soon? No, she doesn’t believe in marriage, she says bluntly, although she knows not everyone agrees with her.

“What’s real to me is where he and I are at the moment – we’re both present, focused and attentive to each other’s needs. I’ve been with the same man since I was 24.”

Read the full story in YOU, 2 December 2010.

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