A crown for Boki

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24 December 2010

She has several beauty pageant titles under her stylish belt and has been raking them in since she was 18. In 2010 she’s been crowned Miss Rivonia and the Platinum Face of Africa – and now she’s won the biggie too.

Gorgeous Bokang Montjane recently walked off with the coveted sash and tiara of Miss South Africa, beating 11 other beauties to the title of loveliest in the land.

For the 24-year-old businesswoman, it was the realisation of a dream she’s had since she was a little girl. She’s so successful in the beauty world it’s hard to believe there ever was a time she wasn’t winning.

But it’s true, Bokang says: as a little girl all she could do was dream of being crowned a queen. Although she was no ugly duckling, try as she might victory eluded her.

“Oh, goodness! I just kept on losing, losing, losing,” she recalls, speaking to us shortly after her triumphant night at the Sun City Superbowl.

But everything happens for a reason and despite the rejection, which could have squashed her self-esteem, she never lost faith.

Bokang and her siblings, older sister Tshepo and the baby of the family, Meladi, had “an amazing upbringing. We were told it’s okay to be yourself and that you don’t have to be perfect.”

She runs a modelling school, the Bokang Legacy, in Johannesburg. “It’s a confidence school so we do lessons on grooming and public speaking and instil self-esteem.”

So far the beauty has concentrated on primary school kids but Bokang hopes to work with high school students after her year of reign.

She wants to go to schools around the country and talk to young girls about teenage pregnancy and peer pressure.

Read more about our new Miss SA in YOU, 30 December 2010.

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