A few simple study tips for your final matric exams

By admin
22 October 2014

Try these study tips to take the stress out of studying

Try these study tips to take the stress out of studying.

  • Condition yourself not to stress and panic.  Normal levels of stress can help you think faster and more effectively, but if anxiety becomes overwhelming it can have the opposite effect.
  • Today it’s proven that alternating study locations improves retention.  This happens because of the way the brain makes associations between what it is studying and the background sensations that are occurring. Forcing the brain to make many associations with the same material provides the support needed to improve memory.
  • Research shows that it’s better to study different but related skills or concepts in one sitting, rather than focusing intensely on a single thing.  This will help leave a deeper impression on the brain.
  • Writing more, including making class and textbook reading notes and creating review sheets, and of course mind-maps, helps imprint information and will improve retention.
  • Avoid cramming- rather space your studies in a way that helps you take in information.  This improves memory and doesn’t require more effort.
  • Do use the Internet when you need to, whether you seek more advice on how best to study for exams or if you need greater explanation on a subject.  Continuously test yourself.  It will help you store the information better and make it more accessible.
  • Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and remind yourself of those times when you were successful, and what you did to be successful.  Stay calm, stay positive, and prior to your matric exam, just focus. Try and set the challenges of the year that follows aside.

Now is also a good time to remember that no CV is complete without experience and a relevant education is not always enough to kick-start one’s career path.  What’s more, and because in-house training is so time consuming and expensive, most employers look for candidates with some form of job-related experience.

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