A homeless woman lay dead in a McDonald’s for 7 hours

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09 October 2015

A homeless woman in Hong Kong was found dead in a McDonald’s restaurant 24 hours after entering it.

Many customers had calmly sat beside her and eaten their meals without realising she was dead.

According to a local newspaper, the South China Morning Post, the women was found lying across a table near the bathroom in the Kowloon Bay McDonald’s.

The first person to realise the woman was dead and not just unconscious was a worker who touched her at 8.30 am and discovered she was cold.

Security camera footage shows the woman entering the restaurant the previous morning at about 8.30 am and sitting down at a table. She sat at the table for many hours. At about 1.30 am the next morning she suddenly fell forward onto the table.

The restaurant continued to do business and no one paid any attention to the woman until the worker discovered that she was dead.

The women was allegedly homeless and had been seen regularly at the 24-hour restaurant. Police don’t suspect foul play.

The area in which she died was cordoned off and disinfected after her body had been removed. It was later opened to diners.

The woman’s age is unknown but it’s believed she was between 50 and 60 years old. On the day of her death she ordered only a glass of water.

The cause of death is still unknown.

Sources: The Independent, Inquisitr

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