A hook-up we'd love to see! Jesse Eisenberg: 'Dakota fanning is unique'

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06 August 2014

Jesse Eisenberg thinks Dakota Fanning has a "unique seriousness".

Jesse Eisenberg thinks Dakota Fanning has a "unique seriousness". The 30-year-old actor who found his big break with The Social Network has now teamed up with Dakota, 20, for drama Night Moves.

'Dakota has a unique seriousness; she's pretty self-assured'

Despite the ten-year age gap, Jesse didn't give his younger co-star, who started acting aged five, any career advice.

"No, she's been acting longer than I have!" he exclaimed to the British edition of Elle magazine.

"Dakota has a unique seriousness; she's pretty self-assured. Her character comes across as the most accessible in the film; Dakota in person is more enigmatic. My character is the opposite: emotionally aloof."

Night Moves is about three radical environmentalists who work together to create their biggest protest to date.

Jesse's performance in 2010's The Social Network earned him an Oscar nomination after his successful portrayal of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. He might be a big star now, but it would never have crossed his mind as a child.

"I did musical theatre when I was younger and wasn't that good," he mused.

Jesse's talents don't run out at acting - he can also sing. He's written a musical but doesn't think fans will be seeing him on Broadway yet.

"I don't have the stamina to do eight shows a week on Broadway - I could probably do half a show," he laughed.

In 2015 Jesse's comedy American Ultra will be hitting cinemas. It's about a stoner and his girlfriend who have to face the past and also stars Kristen Stewart.

"She's phenomenal," he gushed about his co-star."We have a great working relationship - we treat things the same way and have the same taste."

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