'A huge part of me is dead': dad's anguish after gate crushes three-year-old son

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29 October 2015

The father of a little boy who was killed after a 3,5 m-long palisade gate fell on him and split his skull open, says his son's slow painful death will haunt him forever.

Tom Kazambe Junior (3) and a friend (also 3)  had been playing when Tom Junior reportedly shook the already unstable gate, and it came crashing down on top of them.

Netwerk24 reports that Tom Junior was still alive when his mother, Alan, ran screaming for help with him in her arms. A neighbour rushed mother and son to hospital. The outlet states that Tom was four years old, while other sources report him to have been three.
'I drove to where the child’s father was selling clothing by the roadside to tell him'

“When we entered Laudium Hospital the staff came running towards us to take the child. The parents are so poor they don’t have a phone so after dropping them I drove to where the child’s father was selling clothing by the roadside to tell him,” the neighbour said.

The irate father, Tom, wanted to know only if his child was alive. But Tom Junior was declared dead at 3:30 pm.

"I am finished. A huge part of me is dead. To lose my son like this, I wish it was me," Tom Kazambe told IOL. “No parent should see their child die.”

His wife Alan was admitted to hospital after her son died.

Another boy (3), one of Tom’s friends, was also injured in the incident.

Inhabitants are angry with the owners of the house where the gate fell on the two boys. The house is allegedly dilapidated “has been a life-threatening structure for years”. Many families rent rooms behind the main house for about R800 a month.

Many of the families, including the Kazambe family, are foreigners. They came from Malawi some years ago because they couldn’t make a living there.

Inhabitants are angry that the premises are in such a dilapidated state, despite the fact that the owners are allegedly “billionaires”. There are complaints that the owners, brothers Yusuf and Mohammed Bhidia, “bully R800 out of the homeless people every month but don’t have a few rands to fix the gate, which has been broken for a long time.”

Inhabitants are demanding that the brothers be charged with murder.

Sources: Netwerk24, IOL

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