A Lily by any other name . . .

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17 September 2013

Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones has just hit cinemas . . . so you might be wondering a bit about leading lady Lily Collins in the movie that seems set to take over the world the way the series of books has!

  • Lovely Lily (24) has been busy! She’s played hunky Taylor Lautner’s lady love in Abduction, Snow White to Julia Robert’s evil queen in Mirror Mirror and now she’s the half-human, half-angel warrior Clary Fray in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones!
  • She’s British-born but moved to LA as a young child after her parents divorced. “I'm much more European than other people here [in LA],” she admits. “I do feel my roots and I miss England a lot. I even miss the accent."
  • Lily is the daughter of musician Phil Collins – who left her and her mom when she was six. But she’s not bitter about it. “He's amazing,” she gushes about her famous father. “Honestly, he's the best. He's so funny and so supportive.” He even dedicated his song You’ll Be in My Heart to her.
  • On her favourite weapon in Mortal Instruments, Lily says, “I’m a big fan of the whip . . . That snake whip was awesome!”
  • She’s a real beauty, but her trademark is her thick, defined eyebrows, of which she says, “It used to bother me. I even plucked them once so I'd fit in. Now I embrace them. I realised the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful.”
  • She’s not too keen on using her dad’s fame to get her places. “There were so many times I could have played on my name but I always steered away from it. Now I've realised that the name Collins can open doors, and that's okay. But it's up to me to keep them open.”
  • Acting isn’t her only talent – Lily has written for Elle Girl, Seventeen, Teen Vogue and the Los Angeles Times magazines! “What I really love is journalism,” Lily says, “I started writing a column for Elle Girl in the UK when I was 15. It was partly a diary of my life, and partly things to do in LA."
  • The gorgeous brunette was said to be dating dashing Mortal Instruments co-star Jamie Campbell Bower, but after a year together, the pair have gone their separate ways.
  • Sentimental sister! Lily loves antique items and anything vintage.

- Faiza Mallick

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