A man ate his wife's placenta in a taco

By admin
02 May 2014

A man has admitted to eating his wife's placenta in a taco after the birth of his son.

A man has eaten his wife's placenta.

Nicky Baines - a journalist for the Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom - was present for the birth of his son and decided to take the umbilical cord home in a "doggy bag" so that he could indulge in placentophagy, the act of eating the placenta, which reportedly has a number of health benefits.

The surgeon who performed his wife's caesarean section is said to have looked bewildered when he requested she package it for him and asked if he would be cooking it with any spices.

Mr. Baines searched for the best placenta recipes online and after an unpleasant banana smoothie attempt he decided to season the meat and serve it in a taco, which he claims tasted "rich, with a beef like quality."

He said: "It was tender, kind of like roast brisket and not dissimilar to Texas BBQ."

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