'A man's life is at stake': Barry Roux

By admin
05 March 2014

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius's lawyer on Wednesday tried to inject doubt into a State witness's statement that he heard gunshots, telling him "a man's life is at stake".

Charl Johnson had told the High Court in Pretoria that he heard gunshots from a Pretoria townhouse 177m from his own in the early hours of February 14.

"I understand your believing that the noises you heard were gunshots," Barry Roux, for Pistorius, said to Johnson. Once he had subsequently learnt that the sounds had come from Pistorius's home, and that he shot dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, it would "cement your belief", Roux said. "But there are problems with your belief... A man's life is at stake."

'But there are problems with your belief... A man's life is at stake'

Roux had been suggesting that the shots Johnson said he heard were in fact Pistorius breaking down the door of his toilet with a cricket bat after Steenkamp, who was behind it, was shot.

Court was adjourned shortly before 11am.

The State will try to prove that Pistorius committed premeditated murder when he shot Steenkamp.

In addition he is charged with illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, and recklessly discharging a firearm in public.

Pistorius contends he mistook her for an intruder when he shot through the toilet door.


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