A mind blowing riddle that will have you scratching your head

By Robyn Lucas
22 July 2017

Want to give it a go? Here it is, good luck…

They drive you crazy . . . yet you cannot leave them alone. Yup riddles are definitely one of those things we hate to love, and the worst bit is once you’ve been given the answer, you can’t help but feel totally stupid for not getting it!

So it’s no surprise that when Lacey Fernandez posted a picture on Facebook of a riddle she saw written on a chalkboard alongside the pavement – people went absolutely bonkers trying to figure out the mind boggling word conundrum. One Facebook user even spent a whopping four days trying to work it out!

“What has 4 letters, sometimes has 9 letters but never has 5 letters.”

No, it’s definitely not a word that mysteriously changes over time – the key is to read the riddle bit by bit and not as an actual question.

Still not getting it?

Here’s the trick, the riddle is not asking you a question but is simply telling you how many letters are in the words: “what,” “sometimes” and “never”.

It’s okay if you feel a teensy bit silly for not getting that one immediately – that’s what riddles are there for after all!


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